Spearmist by Botanical Elements is a holistic line of products that uses a refreshing blend of spearmint, organic aloe vera and the antioxidants effects of vitamins D and E to aid in stress relief, as well as nourish both hair and skin. Our products are a blend of high-quality natural and organic ingredients with a unique formulation that hydrates with no heavy or greasy effects.

Reduce your stress with the power of spearmint!

Our concentrated spearmint serum, infused with organic aloe vera, vitamins D and E, is also a perfect choice for dry skin!

Nourish hair and skin with Spearmist

A game changing formulation to keep your hair and skin moisturized while aiding in stress relief and relaxation. Best of all, the lightweight hydration provides great moisture with no greasy effects!

Botanical Elements

Live better with Botanical Elements

Our products are environmentally friendly too! Free of harsh additives and phthalates.

from our customers
from our customers
Botanical Elements' products have been a game changer for my hair and skin. I can't recommend them enough!
— Myriam C., Newport News, VA
from our customers
I was able to see the moisturizing effects so quickly! I love my nourishing mist and can't wait to try the serum.
— Eduardo D., Coral Gables, FL